Welcome FedEx Contractors

GroundCloud would like to extend to you a very special offer including an extended free trial period as well as other features custom-made for FedEx Contractors. Please contact us here and identify yourself as a FedEx Contractor to take advantage of this special offer.


The multitude of safety features of GroundCloud offers to P&D businesses is simply incomparable.


Our mission is to substantially improve driver SAFETY – we are a SAFETY company. Here are just some of our safety features:

  • Daily SAFETY training (drivers must complete before driving)

  • Weekly SAFETY testing

  • Continuous driver monitoring (speed, acceleration, deceleration, stopping, reversing)

  • Daily post-drive driver accountability (speed limits, deceleration, reversing)

  • Vehicle safety inspections, pre and post-trip (unsafe values prevents the driver from leaving the terminal)

  • SAFER routing – minimizing reversing & u-turns

  • Audible or even tactile turn-by-turn (eyes on the road)

  • Restricted routing – unsafe roads can be avoided

  • Truck safe roads – including underpass heights, bridges, etc.

  • MORE EFFICIENT routes = less miles = less chance for mishaps

  • SAFE driver messaging

  • —— Only when vehicle stopped

  • —— No need to ever text with a phone again !


GroundCloud has a big development pipeline of more groundbreaking safety features coming including:

  • VEDR camera systems

  • New driver school


With GroundCloud, SAFETY becomes a way of life, and best yet… it’s entirely automated!

Sign up for GroundCloud today!!