GroundCloud MicroSD Card w/Adaptor


GroundCloud MicroSD card is a high quality MicroSD card used to capture HD/4K video from GroundCloud’s 4K Permanent or 360 Portable VEDR camera systems.

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    The GroundCloud MicroSD card is designed to handle full HD or 4K video recordings from GroundCloud’s 4K Permanent or 360 Portable VEDR cameras. This high endurance MicroSD card is built to handle the rigors of writing and rewriting data on a continued bases. This MicroSD card is the ideal and recommended MicroSD card for your GroundCloud 4K Permanent VEDR or 360 Portable VEDR.

    GroundCloud HE MicroSDXC bundle includes:

    • High Endurance MicroSD card
    • MicroSD card Adaptor
    • Clear Clamshell holder for Adaptor and MicroSD card

    *Note – For use with 4K Permanent and 360 Portable VEDR cameras ONLY.

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