GroundCloud Tech-Chip Cooler


GroundCloud Tech-Chip Cooler for use with GroundCloud Frigid Mount for additional cooling effect.

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    GroundCloud Tech-Chip Cooler is a great add on to any GroundCloud Frigid Mount for added cooling effects in extreme heat climates. The GroundCloud Tech-Chip Cooler add is attached to the back of the tablet with thermal adhesive tape and in conjunction with the GroundCloud Frigid Mount kit, you will help keep your tablet cool and operational during even the hottest of days.

    *Note – This add on to the GroundCloud Frigid Mount kit is recommended for extreme heat climates only.

    Kit includes:

    • Tech-Chip Cooler assembly
    • Insulated shield (GroundCloud Frigid Mount top hood)
    • Installation and wiring components
    • 1 year warranty on *Tech-Chip Cooler Kit (GC-TCC)

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