GroundCloud – Quad Bundle (Equipped with 2 cameras. Expandable up to 4 cameras)


Protect your drivers and business from false claims with the full picture GroundCloud Quad Bundle provides. This 4 channel capable unit connected vehicle recorder operates with ultra-fast 4G/LTE, uploading data 10x faster than 3G devices. With instant notification of safety-critical events and real-time location and behavior tracking, commercial vehicle owners can respond quickly when issues arise.

The Quad Bundle supports up to four HD (720p) cameras for crystal-clear video on all channels. Add an in-cab monitor and increase driver visibility and safety. With a nearly 360 degree view, the video tells a complete story of any incidents, quickly resolving Insurance claims and exonerating drivers.

A compact, commercial grade design makes the Quad Bundle a fit in virtually any vehicle. Next-gen data security, automatic system health checks, and protection from power disruptions keeps data secure and available on demand 24/7. The Quad Bundle is certified on all major LTE networks. *A WiFi only model is available, which is perfect for existing network environments.

Ships with 2 cameras, up to 4 cameras supported

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    4 Channel HD VEDR unit equipped with Integrated LTE Modem, GPS, Microphone, Accelerometer and Gyro. CVBS video output for connecting LCD monitor. Remote control with panic button and status LEDs. 4 alarm input triggers. For use with most major LTE networks. 64GB SD card Included (up to 256GB SD storage capacity).

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    Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in