Next Level Driver Safety 

The GroundCloud AIR-II VEDR is the next step in how service providers approach vehicle safety and monitoring. This state-of-the-art telematics solution integrates AI Driver Safety Assistance to help reduce traffic accidents, maximize visibility into your fleet, and achieve safer outcomes across your organization. 

MV/AI Driver Safety Assistance 

The AIR-II VEDR offers an array of MV/AI-driven safety monitoring features that go above and beyond to protect drivers and vehicles. Onboard coaching provides your drivers with audible feedback, building their professional driving skills and promoting safe driving practices. 




Wide-view road monitoring, with AI-powered safety alerts for: 

Collision Warnings 

Tailgating Detection 

Close Following Alerts 

Solid-Lane Departure Warnings 

Stop Sign Violation Alerts  






Full cabin view, with real-time professional coaching for: 

Real-time Posted Speed 

Seatbelt Detection 

Drowsiness Detection 

Distracted Driving Detection 




Maximum Visibility

Forward and cabin facing cameras provide full visibility of unsafe driving events and protection from liability. Wide, 1080p resolution gives you the top quality footage needed for claims verification, event review, and driver coaching.

Road Camera: 1080p resolution for crisp, clear video recordings of road events, license plates, and signs. 

Cabin Camera: A 1080p ultrawide-angle lens to monitor for coachable driving behaviors. 

Dual Aux Camera Support: Extend your visibility to cover blind spots and improve overall safety. 


Secure Design 

Protecting your fleet is an important job, and the AIR-II is up to the task. Its robust, yet easy to install design braves harsh conditions, tampering, and vehicle damage to capture vital event data and footage.

Built Tough: A tamper-proof design to keep your data and footage secure.  

Extended Backup Battery: Recordings are captured before, during, and after accidents to give a full view of the road and cabin, even if the vehicle loses power. 

Long Lasting: Up to 512GB High Endurance SD cards for up to 664 hours of video using loop recording to capture footage even if you go offline. 


Get Started

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