GroundCloud VEDR

Video Event Data Recorder

There’s never been anything like this – a fully integrated system. See how GroundCloud’s VEDR is both the best tech AND best value!

What is VEDR?

Video Event Data Recorders (VEDR) are devices mounted in CDL or non-CDL vehicles that capture video footage, location data, and monitor the cabin and roadway for unsafe driving events. When incorporated into safety programs, these devices foster safe driving habits, reduce accidents, and protect against liability claims.

Live and On-demand Video Footage

Watch drivers live through your GroundCloud management portal, or request footage for a specific incident. No need to remove the device or waste time scrolling through raw footage.

Automated Captive Coaching

Automated captive coaching means you don’t need to hound drivers to complete their training. Helps fleet managers identify and eliminate risky driving behavior which helps prevent future incidents.

Encourage Positive Driver Behavior

Automatic backing & residential driveway incursion detection, and targeted coaching aids in driver development.

Simplify Claims Verification

Always on recording aids in rapid resolution of false accident or delivery claims. 

Machine Vision + Artificial Intelligence

GroundCloud integrates MV/AI technology into our camera solution to help identify and correct unsafe driving behaviors. By monitoring the cabin and roadway, our solution can alert drivers and management of unsafe events in real-time, including distracted driving, seatbelt use, failure to stop, lane departure, and unsafe following distances.

How does coaching occur with GroundCloud?

When an unsafe driving event is recognized, a coaching module is sent to the driver’s modbile device along with a recording of the incident.

Key Indicator Compliance

Our GroundCloud and VEDR solutions work together to verify and ensure your compliance with the four Key Indicators:

  1. We verify your VEDR activation and activity feed
  2. We verify the operator associated with each event
  3. We verify training completion
  4. We verify training efficacy

Our VEDR Camera System is available in various configurations allowing us to tailor this system to your exact needs. 

Benefits of GroundCloud VEDR


  • MV/AI capability
  • 80+% KI compliance
  • Units in stock and ready to ship today
  • Quick and easy self-install
  • 80 hours of footage
  • 4k video resolution for incredible detail
  • Wide-angle lens captures full width of vehicle
  • Automated driver assignment
  • Easiest-to-use management dashboard (KI status, events map, live feed, etc.)
  • Significantly lower monthly fees compared to the competition
  • Offers far superior features like making ALL recordings available throughout the day
  • Ties in to our delivery data: potential to pull up video for a specific delivery
  • Ability to order up to 8 cameras per vehicle (no limit on number of vehicles)
  • Has far superior build quality (eBay is littered with cameras from the other vendors parting them out after they break!)
  • Automatic backing detection & tracking
  • Automated captive coaching means you don’t need to hound drivers to complete their training *
  • See our Pricing page for costs of service and the Shop page for costs of hardware

* Denotes when bundled with the GroundCloud CSP service.

To order VEDR from GroundCloud:

  1. If you haven’t already, create a GroundCloud account
  2. Click here for the VEDR Order Form. You will need your Schedule B info.

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