GroundCloud Safety Solutions

GroundCloud delivers comprehensive, cloud-based safety management systems designed and proven to keep your drivers safe, improve outcomes, and enhance your compliance. Our safety programs are developed in-house by safety experts with decades of industry experience. Our training library contains hundreds of safety modules covering professional techniques that will prepare drivers for any situation they might face on the road. 


GroundCloud’s safety training platform is accessed by drivers online or via our mobile application. Managers are able to assign training and track engagement and progress through an intuitive online management portal. Our safety program is used by motor carriers to help ensure compliance, develop professional drivers and maintain a corporate safety culture.

Proactive Safety Training

GroundCloud Proactive Safety Training is the best way to keep your fleet trained and safety compliant. Our training library contains hundreds of safety modules covering professional techniques that will prepare drivers for any situation they might face on the road.

Proactive Safety for P&D Proactive Safety for Linehaul

Professional Driver Training

All our training modules are designed in-house by industry veterans to meet the needs of today’s drivers. They cover relevant topics on professional driving behavior and road techniques that will help your drivers stay compliant and instill a culture of safety within your team.

Automated Training

Drivers using the GroundCloud app are assured to be up-to-date on their safety. Training modules are automatically sent within the app and must be completed before the workday can begin. Following a video module, drivers prove their understanding with a brief quiz, and e-signature indicating completion.

Driver Compliance Tracking

With our controlled app environment, the audience is truly captured and the driver must take the training in order to begin work for the day. Because of this, we see adoption and completion rates of 95% and above.

Fleet-Wide Safety Monitoring

Easily see that your team is up to date and compliant with instant proof of your team’s training records and signed confirmation of completion. Drivers are given scorecards rating their safety compliance so there are no surprises.


We provide you with techniques and materials to keep your drivers up to date with continuous training. Don’t allow the drivers to forget what they have learned and continue to reinforce good behavior for them.

Supplemental Safety Training

Assign and schedule additional safety training to a single driver or your entire fleet anytime at no additional cost. Choose from our training library to focus on your areas of concern and easily review training completions on your dashboard.

AVP Driver Training

Avoid preventable accidents and delays with training designed specifically to keep your AVP drivers safe and professional.

Seasonal and Event Training

Whether you need to prep your team for the holliday season, or a motorcycle rally coming to town, we have training modules that will help your team operate safely.

Roadway Conditions and Hazards

Schedule timely training for your team to operate safely and effectively during flooding, icy roads, and heavy construction.

Additional Training Courses

These additional courses online training courses can be assigned to drivers at no additional cost and are reccomended for all new hires. 

New Driver Orientation Course

  • 16 minute video on Safety & Service 
  • A short overview video of what it means to be a professional delivery driver
  • Covers general info for new drivers and what to expect while driving for an ISP
  • A short final exam to take at the end of the course
  • 7 days to complete once enrolled
  • No Road Course work or Live Route training required for this course

P&D Safety Certification Course

  • Designed for new drivers to be enrolled once employed by an ISP company
  • Covers all basic driving guidelines to be a safe and effective CMV operator
  • A 10 chapter course with review quizzes after every module, final exam, and printable certificate upon completion
  • 30 days to complete once enrolled (recommend completing before they start driving)
  • Once completed, this course will cover a driver for their first 30 days of employment for Proactive Safety Training (PST) compliance
  • No Road Course work or Live Route training required for this course

Reactive Safety Training

As a part of our video telematics solution, in-cab cameras recognize unsafe driving behavior and automatically send relevant training to the driver in question. Tailored coaching content, including a recording of the incident, is sent in response to driver actions to immediately address any safety concerns and reduce unsafe driving behavior. 

Visit our Video Telematics (VEDR) page.

Qualification Certification

GroundCloud’s train-the-trainer program will ensure that you’ll have all the skills and materials needed to satisfy the Qualification Certification contracting standard and will help you develop a culture of safety that will keep your drivers safe and compliant, regardless of when they come on board.

Visit our Qualification Cert page

Compliance Audits

Gain comfort in knowing your business is compliant with current government regulations through GroundCloud Auditing. Our safety team is able to conduct professional reviews in-person for OSHA and/or DOT audits to measure and boost your company’s compliance


  • DOT Compliance Audit: Ensure roadside inspections go smoothly, audits are pain-free, and fines are minimal with a review of your company’s DOT compliance preparedness.
  • OSHA Compliance Audit: Help prevent worker injuries, employee safety concerns and reduce fines and frequent OSHA inspections.

Contact to learn more about our compliance audits and implementing a corporate safety culture.