GroundCloud CSP


Advanced turn by turn routing

Full offline capability, continuously updating maps, real-time traffic awareness.

Stop notes 

Give drivers gate codes, dog warnings, and more the moment they start driving towards that stop.

Location overrides

Get your drivers to the door the first time. Define new construction, building entrance, loading docks, and correct bad locations once and we will remember it forever.

Route planning

Optimize up to 500 stops per route in a way that makes sense for your operations. Many optimization solutions available to maximize efficiency.

Contingency handling 

Handle the unexpected with ease with the ability to transfer stops, handle vehicle breakdowns, combine routes, and more.

Subzones™ feature

Customize your map based on your team’s needs with our amazing Subzones™ feature. Mark the front office, parking spots, delivery points, apartment buildings, and more. Learn more about our Subzones™ feature here.


Train the trainer

Our OSHA-certified safety experts provide in-person, in-depth Train-the-Trainer sessions, teaching CSPs how to train their drivers effectively in safe driving, parking, service and delivery techniques. Both classroom and driving obstacle course training included.

New Driver Training 

Provide training to drivers with no professional driver experience. Content specifically developed for GroundCloud provides the safest way to train your drivers and get them fully productive. 

Proactive Safety Training

A requirement for contractors, this custom content keeps your drivers up to date on many critical safety topics. GroundCloud presents short trainings multiple times per week in a captive format on the tablet that cannot be bypassed, essentially guaranteeing compliance.

Reactive Coaching

Our optional VEDR system automatically detects unsafe driver behavior and provides tailored coaching content in response to that specific behavior. Data proves our reactive coaching reduces unsafe driving behavior.


safety tracking

Effectively eliminate your $10,000 indemnity risk by having ALL drivers utilize the GroundCloud Base system.

Employee time tracking

Automated time cards with break verification keep your company in compliance with local and national working regulations. Automatic HOS (Hours of Service) tracking for DOT compliance. 

Trip inspections

Automated Pre and Post inspections link to vehicle maintenance and ensure DOT compliance. Notifications keep your management team aware of vehicle service needs and driver feedback.

monthly maintenance reporting

Keep vehicle maintenance notes in the cloud and render your monthly maintenance reports with one click.