We are committed to helping our customers streamline their operations with ease. For additional support, GroundCloud recommends a curated selection of providers that offer products and services tailored to your business needs. The companies featured on this page are trusted partners that we endorse and have proven to be reliable for our customers.



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DMGgo offers BPO service options for DSPs, ISPs, and final mile contractors, all under one roof. With flexible a la carte packages, their customers can scale their business with the services they need when they need them which includes payroll management, fleet planning, scheduling, dispatch, etc. By removing the time-consuming and tedious tasks from their owner-partners, the company frees their time up to make conscious and productive decisions for their businesses.



Bright Flag Recruiting specializes in recruiting last mile delivery drivers for FedEx P&D routes and Amazon DSPs. Additionally, Bright Flag recruits back-office support personnel and jumpers/helpers to fortify those organizations. Their team is a group of experienced recruiters committed to helping customers focus on success in their business. The company uses software automation to keep pricing competitive.

Telecom Equipment

Verizon has a special deal which is limited to only GroundCloud customers who are FXG CSPs:

Free iPads – 64gb – 9th Generation (a 24-month contract)

Free Galaxy S7 full-size tablet (a 36-month contract)

$20/month unlimited data

T-Mobile has a special offer for all GroundCloud customers regardless of their carrier network:

Free iPads – 64gb – 9th Generation

Free Galaxy S7 full-size tablet

$20/month unlimited data with a 30-month contract