GroundCloud Advantage

Fully Integrated System

GroundCloud is the only one stop shop for all of your logistics needs. One login for all of your critical services.

Safety Training

Custom content built for P&D and Linehaul businesses, proven to increase the safety of your drivers.

Turn By Turn Navigation

Fully offline-capable navigation ensures that drivers reach their stops, whether they have cell signal or not.

Route Optimization
Advanced algorithms increase driver productivity and decrease operations costs.
Once per second tracking of speed, location, and G-force data ensure you know where your drivers are at in real time.
Time keeping
Automate tracking of your team’s hours and stay compliant for overtime and payroll regulations.
Trip Inspections

Meet DOT compliance requirements while tracking vehicle maintenance. 


Best in class video recording hardware provides, trip information, speed, gps and on demand video allowing you to keep on eye on the important things.

Vehicle Reports
Now you will know the status of each truck with integrated vehicle reporting. Mileage, tires, brakes? keep track of them all to understand your fleet.

Intuitive driver app

With the GroundCloud app you will be up and running in no time at all. Its simple interface is easily learned by all drivers and its flexibility allows you to make adjustments for your business that make a difference.


Accessible manager portal

Setting up routes, assigning drivers, tracking shipments are all available in one easy to access location. provides the control tower you need to make real time decisions.  


Intelligent Cameras

VEDR hardware is designed to keep you informed of driver behavior and unsafe situations. These cameras connect directly into the GroundCloud system and offer first class driver monitoring features.

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A must if you want to maximize all aspects of your operation. They have so many features, we replaced 3 of our app subscriptions with GroundCloud alone!
Brian R.

Gives you the ability to deliver anywhere
Randy H

Their service and commitment to us contractors is second to none. When you call support you get a expert right here in the U.S.
Jill E.