Making Contracting Profitable Again!

Meet GroundCloud Pro! This game-changing solution is designed to help contractors further optimize operations and significantly boost profitability.

Our goal is to make you at least $5 for each buck spent on this service (500%+ return on investment).

Here is what early adopters have to share about their experience using GroundCloud Pro

Based on the insights provided by RouteStats, we knew we could move to 4-day/week schedules with a re-engineered route plan. We pay our drivers more – with increased guaranteed base pay and incentive/bonus pay – while holding the line on fuel costs and cutting maintenance costs. GroundCloud Pro is a game changer and I couldn’t stay in the game without it. I know that everyone who uses GroundCloud Pro and RouteStats will find their own wins and anyone who doesn’t will get left behind.”

Bob Aris

Owner & President, Mountain Group Logistics

GroundCloud Pro, the RouteStats module, has allowed us to reduce our payroll cost over the last 12 weeks. Instead of looking at numbers on a spreadsheet, the dashboard shows me the “low-hanging fruit” when it comes to increasing profitability of my business. I’m also able to share the data with my team in a visual, easy to understand  way, and how they are performing in terms of efficiency.”  

Juan Pita

CEO/Founder, PND Logistics Inc

RouteStats materially reduced our payroll and showed us where we had ‘leaks’.” 

Grace Bay

Chief Executive Officer, Patton Logistics

RouteStats is like the movie Moneyball. This tool is great for any size company. But what is really great is it allows a small to medium size company that can only afford a small administrative staff to operate like a large company. The various metrics at your fingertips allow for easy, in-depth analysis of the business. Being able to adjust route plans based on volume trends per day of the week is a game changer. I’m looking forward to all the future capabilities that evolve on this GroundCloud Pro platform.” 
Ron Levine

President, Better Logistics Inc

Get going with GroundCloud Pro today to start optimizing operations and driving profits in your business!

RouteStats™ Insights

Dynamic operations-related analytics delivered to your customer portal dashboard. Auto generated prescriptive recommendations for critical parts of your delivery business. 

Payroll Automation

Incent your drivers with turn-key compensation selections. Get them to make more money while being more efficient.

Enhanced Fleet Management

Control your fleet with ease using enhanced service reminders, maintenance records, and more. 

Upgraded Scheduling Suite

Enhancements to the scheduling function allow you to track time off requests, easily copy schedules week to week. The integration with routing assignments will keep your drivers on the right routes automatically. 

Video Announcements

Now you can easily communicate with your entire team or individual team members via video messages. Send birthday wishes, info about today’s dispatch, whatever you like! 

Clear Actionable Dashboards

Auto-generated prescriptive recommendations for critical parts of your delivery business. All operational intel is at your fingertips.

Payroll Automation

Simplify your payroll with automated timekeeping and payroll reports. No need to spend hours in spreadsheets or spend money on payroll prep consultants anymore! 

Recommendation Sheets

The RouteStats™ module provides dashboards with in-depth stats on your operations. Plan your business using the latest market trends and unlock the power of your own data. 

Team Video Announcements

Send custom video messages to your team from anywhere. Drivers can receive them on the app or mobile devices. Need to send a safety briefing right from the cabin? No problem!

Enhanced Fleet Maintenance

Keep your fleet in tip top shape! Always have an accurate picture of the maintenance history and upcoming reminders.

Enhanced Scheduling

Never under or overstaff again! Have clear visibility into who is working, and the vacation schedule.  

GroundCloud Pro platform takes your operations to the next level with detailed vehicle maintenance and asset tracking, enhanced timekeeping and payroll automation, and actionable in-depth insights that will drive efficiency and profitability of your business.

Optimize your operations

The RouteStats™ module provides the dashboards for in-depth stats on your operations. This will help you meet delivery demand with the right amount of resources, avoiding over- or under capacity on various days of the week. Plan your business using the latest market trends and benchmarks with much more transparency of your own data. 

Automate your payroll

Simplify your payroll with automated timekeeping and payroll reports. Create custom payment structures for your team that can be sent directly to payroll processing. No need to spend hours in spreadsheets or spend money on payroll prep consultants anymore!


  • Combined per stop and hourly pay
  • Customizable payment models per employee
  • Overtime and adjustments
  • Compatibility with major payroll systems (ADP, Paychex, Quickbooks, etc)
Save money, boost profits

On average, GroundCloud CSP Pro saves contractors dozens of hours of admin work and thousands of dollars in costs per month. On top of that, insights into your business and route recommendations will drive efficiency to make your day-to-day operations even more profitable!

Centralize your workflow

Enhanced vehicle and maintenance tracking, fleet-wide messaging, timekeeping, scheduling, and payroll automation are all integrated in one portal. No more wasted time hopping between apps and paying different vendors for various services required to run your business. GroundCloud CSP Pro does it all! 

SAVINGS ESTIMATION: Use this interactive calculator to estimate your operational, software, and payroll prep savings using Pro. You’ll start seeing real results as soon as your first month of subscription!