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Customer Testimonials

I just completed the 5-day train-the-trainer course with GroundCloud. Going into this class I thought it’d 
be a drag, boring, lecturing safety class of stuff I already knew. But after spending these 5 days with Evan, 
a GroundCloud trainer, I feel 100% comfortable saying that without this class, the safety message I 
would’ve tried to teach would’ve been lacking in every single area. Because of him, I feel confident in 
teaching, speaking and, most of all, moving forward as a reliable, efficient, and completely certified 
trainer to set a new standard of safety at my company. 
Anthony Centrella

KT Glow Inc.

GroundCloud’s train-the-trainer program will ensure that you’ll have all the skills and materials you need to satisfy the Qualification Certification contracting standard and will help you develop a culture of safety that will keep your drivers safe and compliant, regardless of when they come on board.

Here’s how it works.


GroundCloud is a pioneer in the train-the-trainer model. Our in-person, in-depth train-the-trainer sessions are designed by a safety professional specifically to meet the needs of contracted service providers. Our professional safety experts will teach your Certified Trainer candidates how to train your drivers effectively in safe driving and parking. Classroom, road, and driving range training are all included. 

Certified Trainer Program

Certified Trainer candidates attend our in-person 5-day train-the-trainer class, which will earn them the Certified Trainer designation and enable them to conduct all 2-day Driver Training classes for current drivers and 3-day Driver Training classes for new drivers.

Driver Training Program

As part of the contract standard, all drivers will be required to go through the Qualification Certification to be fully approved.  This training will consist of: 

  • 2 to 3 days of classroom, road, and driving range training
  • Unladen vehicles, branded or unbranded 
  • New drivers must also complete a road test in a vehicle classified by the size and weight.  This will allow them to operate that size vehicle & smaller while performing logistic services.

Added Bonus

When you sign up for Qualification Certification training with GroundCloud, you receive a “bonus class!” This free, additional course will include topics such as:

  • Understanding the safety contract
  • SRI & SRS review and how this impacts FXG’s CSA score
  • Leadership skill set overview
  • Creating and maintaining a corporate safety culture


The cost of GroundCloud’s Qualification Certification Class for Certified Trainer candidates is $2,750.

Disclaimer: If you register after Thursday for a Monday class, we cannot guarantee that your candidate will be vetted by FDX by the start of class.  If your candidate is not approved, they will not be certified and you will be given a voucher to send another candidate to attend a future class. If your candidate is approved too late, they will be given a voucher to attend a future class. 

You will also receive a liability release form to sign prior to class.


Contact our Train the Trainer team at TTT@groundcloud.com if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our exceptional Qualification Certification program.

Enrollment Steps

See the video below for a thorough walk through of the steps listed below.

Step 1: Verify your Certified Trainer candidate meets all requirements

Step 2: Click the link below the video to find your class

Step 3: Purchase your tickets and prepare your travel plans

Step 4: Enroll your candidate in the Learning Management System on GroundCloud.io to activate the pre-class training content

Step 5: Have the enrolled candidate complete their pre-class assignment

Step 6: Ensure the enrollee arrives at the class at least 15 minutes prior to class start

What to do when your Certified Trainers return with their accreditation and start training drivers

Once your CT candidate graduates from GroundCloud’s 5-day Qualification Certification training, they are ready to begin training drivers. You can find the full write up about the Driver Training process on this page.

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