“GroundCloud is my only monthly invoice I pay with a big ‘effing’ smile on my face!”


D&J Shipping

“We are no longer dependent on veteran drivers.”

Jeremy Reid

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GroundCloud is the most powerful resource I have ever added to my business. The multitude of specific features as it pertains to a day-to-day operations are mind blowing. As a FedEx Ground contractor, so much has changed over the years, and GroundCloud has made all of those changes so much easier. Any contractor using the system will tell you it’s a game changer – I’ll tell you it’s a life changer. Thank you GroundCloud for such an amazing and resourceful multitool that no doubt enables us to be successful everyday. 

I don’t mean to sound corny, but it’s all the truth! It’s really such a specific system for businesses like mine and if you know your work areas, your people, geek out on technology, and strive to make things better and more efficient, it’s a must have. 

Lastly, it’s all accessible through the phone in my pocket and at the end of the day, we also make a lot more money by using it! Seriously I really appreciate your product and the people behind it. I’ve got Dave’s cell number, so that speaks volumes about your company, the people, and the desire to truly help! 

Jordan Bach

Featured Winner of FedEx Entrepreneurs of the Year 2020, Bach SJ, Ltd.

“GroundCloud is a total game changer.

Val Scroggins

MVS Inc.

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