GroundCloud is an all in one safety, productivity and compliance ecosystem for logistics. We deliver a turn-key solution that will earn you more money, automate your compliance, and objectively increase safer outcomes.




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The Only Truly Integrated System

Harness the power of the Cloud.

Manage your business from wherever you are! GroundCloud is a “Cloud” based software system you access through a manager console and a tablet mounted in your trucks. We deliver a comprehensive platform to automate the management of your Safety, Drivers, Fleet, Routes, HR, Financial metrics, and Compliance requirements.  


GroundCloud is a company built on safety; working hard to ensure you and your team get home every night. Automated multimedia content including quizzes, videos, and training modules ensures your drivers stay engaged.  Driver profiles track behavior such as speeding, collisions and texting to give you the data you need to discuss safety. All of this on a preferred dash mounted tablet format proven safer than handheld devices. 



Audits happen, and when they do we have you covered. Audits demand you to prove your safety program and other vehicle compliance records. Generate a report of completed driver safety training modules and your audit is finished in minutes. DOT requests for records are streamlined as drivers are prompted to enter inspection info as often as you like, milage, service records, tire depth, all at your fingertips. 


Increase the stops/hour of even the most veteran drivers. Using our service, you unlock the potential to turn new drivers into highly efficient workers in days, not weeks. We have a large selection of mapping tools, geocoding data, and algorithms that are all working hard to solve your complex delivery needs. Using these tools, you will be able to speed up routes, save expense, and make more money.

GroundCloud CSP

GroundCloud CSP is the only true all-in-one solution for FedEx CSP’s to automate safety, compliance, and operations for the entire business. Find out why more than 60% of all FXG contractors utilize our revolutionary CSP platform.

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Video Event Data Recorder

Get high-quality recording units for the best value with GroundCloud’s VEDR units. Learn how GroundCloud supports installation, KI compliance, VEDR coaching, and more.

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GroundCloud DSP

GroundCloud DSP serves Amazon delivery service providers with comprehensive driver onboarding and automating safety, compliance. Discover how you can amplify your bottom line by maximizing incentives and minimizing insurance costs.

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A low-cost cloud-based platform accessed by web browser and vehicle mounted tablets. This ecosystem provides unparalleled management features for the safety, performance, and compliance for your entire operation. There has never been a system quite like this to optimize your business. 

Safety Training

Proving that you’re safety training your drivers can be a headache, but it’s a necessity to ensure you’re in the clear. We provide a way to easily train your drivers through our critical safety training programs. Flip a switch & it happens automagically! 

Route Optimization

Gone are the days of your drivers using valuable time to plot their routes. Define priority zones on each route to your liking and match how your truck has been loaded. For too long contractors have said, “There must be a better way!” You’ve just found it.


Our fully-integrated and offline-capable turn-by-turn nav system pulls in realtime traffic data, road closures, accidents, etc. and routes your drivers around it. Make new drivers productive in hours, not weeks.

Fleet Tracking

See in a glance where everyone’s at in real time, where they’ve been, where they’ve stopped, where they’ve broken the speed limit, and where they have yet to go. 

Time Keeping

GroundCloud automatically keeps track of shift time, break time, and the drive time of your team, all metrics that need to be tracked independently in order to be carrier, IRS, and DOT-compliant.


Plan the schedule of your entire team from drivers to managers, eliminating the need for 3rd party software. 

Safety Training

Priority Zones


Fleet Tracking

Time Card Schedule

Time Card Report

We take care of the tech so you can rock it in your world

Your one-stop safety, productivity, and compliance platform. We make automatic many of the time consuming tasks that eat up your day. Our safety training and VEDR event coaching, for example, is fully automated. Your days of chasing down drivers to make sure they complete training or event coaching are over!

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