Qualification Certification - Drivers

GroundCloud’s train-the-trainer program will ensure that you’ll have all the skills and materials you need to satisfy the Qualification Certification contracting standard, and will help you develop a culture of safety that will keep your drivers safe and compliant, regardless of when they come on board.



Here’s how it works.


GroundCloud is a pioneer in the train-the-trainer model. Our in-person, in-depth train-the-trainer sessions are designed by a safety professional specifically to meet the needs of contracted service providers. Our professional safety experts will teach your Certified Trainer candidates how to train your drivers effectively in safe driving and parking. Classroom, road, and driving range training are all included.


Find your certified trainer to enroll your drivers 

Once you have a certified trainer in your organization or nearby you can start training drivers through the Qualification Certification process.

Don’t have a Certified Trainer? Follow the instructions on this page. https://groundcloud.com/qualification-certification/


GroundCloud’s Qualification Certification per enrolled driver is free of charge.



Contact our Train the Trainer team at TTT@groundcloud.com if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our exceptional Qualification Certification program.


Enrollment Steps

Step 1: Log into your GroundCloud management portal on GroundCloud.io

Step 2: Ensure the driver has a profile created with phone number and email address 

Step 3: Navigate to the Training Courses page https://www.groundcloud.io/dashboard/training/gdt

Step 4: Click enroll and select the driver that you want to enroll

Step 5: Select the “Pre-Class 2 Day & 3 Day Driver Training Course” course option and hit enroll

Step 6: Your driver will receive a notification with all of the materials for the course and you can enter the details about road and observations in the enrollment details.