Sometimes FCC goes down. Other days, FCC won’t give you a route for a specific manifest, instead giving you an error like this:

Is there anything we can do? YES! It’s not perfect but it’s far better than nothing…..


GroundCloud has added a means of converting data from an Inbound Package Report (IBPR) into a route for today. Here’s how:


1. Upload the IBPR just as you would a manifest:

2. Click on “CSA” in the portal:



3. Click on the “Estimated” button up top to show the estimated stops for today:

4. Open the CSA Work Area Sidebar:

5. Click on the work area number you want to create a route for:

6. Click on “Copy to actual”. You will get a confirmation dialog. Click on “Proceed”:


If you’ve made a mistake and the manifest actually did already come in, the system will warn you that route already exists for today:


7. Lastly you need to assign a driver to that route. It will not auto-assign to the driver with this method.


For any stops on the truck NOT on the IBPR, and them in the portal or have the driver add them by way of the GroundCloud app: