The Critical Role of Numbers in Ensuring Road Safety

Jul 5, 2024 | Blog, Safety

In the June edition of LineHaul News, Jerome Veres, Vice President of Safety, offers a compelling perspective in his article “What’s in a Number? More than You Think” Veres dives into the essential role numbers play in the trucking industry, particularly focusing on the DOT (Department of Transportation) numbers assigned to each motor carrier. 

Numbers do more than just track performance; they are vital for identifying safety and compliance standards. Veres explains how the DOT uses these numbers to ensure public road safety by monitoring each carrier’s safety practices through their CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) scores. These scores provide a clear snapshot of an organization’s safety culture, reflecting how well they train their drivers and maintain their vehicles. 

Veres stresses the importance of the DOT number as a symbol of accountability. High CSA scores can indicate poor safety management, leading to more inspections, fines, and potentially the revocation of operating authority. This underscores the need for carriers to “Train, Maintain, Sustain” – focusing on continuous training, vehicle maintenance, and upholding their DOT number to ensure operational legitimacy. 

From a legal standpoint, adhering to safety protocols and maintaining vehicles not only enhances safety but also protects against litigation by demonstrating compliance with DOT regulations. Veres advocates for a living Corporate Safety Plan that actively shapes and sustains a company’s safety culture. 

Jerome Veres’ insights serve as a critical reminder: ONE Name, ONE Brand, ONE Number, ONE Goal – achieving safer roads and delivering a better customer experience.  

Read the article in the June edition of LineHaul News on page 28. Read now.