Not sure if your GroundCloud VEDR devices are MV + AI compliant?

Jul 9, 2024 | Blog

Not sure if you have MV + AI compliant VEDR devices? Here’s an easy way to tell…

Both the AIR-II and 4K VEDR cameras are fully MV + AI capable. If you already have those devices, you’re set! If you have any older models — 360, CP2, CP4, or KP1S — you will need to upgrade your devices before the October 1st deadline to remain compliant. We’re here to make this transition as easy as possible for you. 

You can check if your devices are MV + AI capable by looking in your manager portal under the Serial Number column on the Devices page: 

    1. Navigate to the Devices page in your groundcloud account.
    2. Look at the Serial Number column.
    3. Any devices with the serial number beginning with 6B or 8B are MV + AI compliant. Any devices with serial numbers starting with 2B, A5MN, M5T, or KS are NOT MV + AI compliant.
A table displaying VEDR devices and their AI compliance status.

AIR-II devices have a serial number that begins with 8B and 4K devices have a serial number that begins with 6B. Devices with serial numbers starting with anything else are likely a camera model that is not MV + AI capable and are not approved.

Overview of a dashboard for VEDR devices illustrating which cameras are AI compliant or not.

If you need to replace any devices, don’t worry! We are dedicated to helping our customers meet the new MV + AI VEDR standards. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce an exceptional offer: for a limited time, upgrade to the MV + AI compliant AIR-II VEDR for FREE with a term contract, all without any increase in your monthly subscription.

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Don’t want to be locked into a contract? Purchase the AIR-II for a special promo price of $149 upfront with no term contract and no increase to your monthly subscription! 

For more information on the new AIR-II VEDR, visit our website.

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