GroundCloud DSP

GroundCloud DSP:
The Amazon DSP Solution

Add more to your bottom line by partnering with GroundCloud

Comprehensive Onboarding

Expert-led, in-person “train-the-trainer” sessions and online, ongoing training materials to ensure comprehensive onboarding for managers and drivers

Proactive Safety Training

Your drivers learn how to adopt the industry’s best safety practices to lower workers’ comp and collision claims through our video-based content, easily accessed from a link sent through text message

Reactive Coaching

GroundCloud DSP automatically schedules reactive coaching to your drivers based on the events found in the telematics data through your DSP portal

Telematics data that makes sense

Our automated platform makes your life easier by taking your weekly data and turning it into something that’s digestible and actionable.

Lower your insurance costs

Our cloud-based management system provides you with the tools and information you need to decrease incidents and lower your insurance costs


Our reports provide you with deeper insights into historical trends & behavior and guide safer, more profitable outcomes

Comprehensive Onboarding


Our OSHA-certified safety experts provide in-person, in-depth Train-the-Trainer sessions, teaching DSPs how to train their drivers effectively in safe driving, parking, service and delivery techniques. Both classroom and driving obstacle course training included.

Graduated Driver Training

Best-in-class, custom-made Graduated Driver Training enables your drivers to start from a solid foundation and skillfully move to the next level. Sign up your drivers for L10 today. Keep reading for an exclusive offer below.

Proactive Safety Training

Ongoing Video Training 

Our OSHA-certified safety experts produce custom, in-house video content specifically for Amazon DSPs. The content addresses workers’ comp topics, driving safety, compliance, and service. Industry experts agree: short videos delivered more frequently result in greater driver knowledge retention and improved driver behavior.

Only GroundCloud does this.

Keeping it Short and Sweet

Our safety content consists of short, easy-to-understand videos that are no more than a few minutes long, followed by a few questions to ensure comprehension. You can track and monitor each driver’s progress along the way.

Easy sign-on and access to training

Drivers easily access training modules with automated, SMS-to-Web based coaching. They receive an SMS text message which includes an embedded smart link. With just one tap, the GroundCloud platform automatically logs your driver in and the training begins.

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Game-Changing Coaching

DSP Scorecard

No more looking at DSP Amazon reports with little guidance on how to increase your safety and compliance scores and lower costs. With GroundCloud DSP, upload your Amazon reports into our system for a more interactive experience to increase your scores, lower liability costs, and achieve greater incentives.

Driver Dashboard

Continuous driver metrics highlight key focus areas on driver’s individual performance. A powerful tool for one-on-one discussions with your drivers with this all-in-one driver dashboard.

Reactive Coaching

Automatic reactive coaching scheduled for your drivers based on events found in the telematics data through your DSP portal. Our training materials are personalized and tailored to address and improve the unique safety and service behaviors of each driver. Each driver has different needs. By addressing each drivers specific areas for improvement, we support your team to improve your safety and compliance culture. Increase your bottom line by improving driver safety and compliance metrics.

Convenience Delivered

Chrome extension for synchronizing driver details: avoid time-consuming data entry. Plus, photo and audit compliance available instantly.

Coming soon

Photo on delivery report, supplemental safety training, daily driver metrics, and customer feedback report are coming soon.