Limited-Time Offer: Upgrade to MV + AI Capable AIR-II VEDR for FREE!

Jul 5, 2024 | Blog, News

At Descartes GroundCloud, we are committed to supporting our customers in meeting the new MV + AI requirements. That’s why we’re excited to announce an incredible offer: for a limited time, you can upgrade to the MV + AI capable AIR-II VEDR for FREE with a term contract, and there will be no increase to your monthly subscription.  

The best part? These cameras are yours to own, not rental equipment! This offer is eligible for all GroundCloud customers. Limited-time offer.

Don’t want to be locked into a contract? We have a fantastic offer for you as well! 

Purchase the AIR-II for a special promo price of $149 upfront with no term contract and no increase to your monthly subscription!  

Why Choose GroundCloud’s FREE MV + AI VEDR?

  • Meet Requirements: GroundCloud is fully approved and listed on MGB.
  • Easy Install: Just peel and stick the camera to your windshield and connect via OBD II. 
  • Seamless Data Integration: Connect your fleet with integrated vehicle data, including odometer data for DVIR + MMR reporting.
  • Centralized Solution: Manage safety, VEDR, routing, and more with one login, one support call, and one bill.

Our MV + AI approved AIR-II and 4K VEDR are IN STOCK and ready to ship! Reach out to our team today to discuss how these exceptional offers can benefit your fleet.

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    Don’t Miss Out!

    Take advantage of this opportunity to meet carrier requirements and enhance your fleet’s performance with FREE MV + AI VEDR cameras.

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