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The last mile industry is constantly evolving, and delivery teams need the tools to evolve along with it. Only GroundCloud helps last mile and  support teams across their entire business – streamlining tasks for drivers, managers, and administrators. We bring all the business and operational needs of service providers under one cloud-based login to make managing it all as easy as possible. 

Switch to GroundCloud to give your operations a boost, provide your team with the best tools for the job, and end the day with more time on the clock and money in your pocket.

Safety Training
Custom content built for P&D and Linehaul businesses, proven to increase the safety of your drivers
Route Optimization

Last mile optimization to increase driver productivity and decrease operations costs.

Video Telematics (VEDR)

Best in class video recording harware provides, trip information, speed, gps and on demand video allowing you to keep on eye on the important things


Automate tracking of your team’s timecards and stay compliant for overtime and payroll regulations.

Planning and Analysis

Use the powerful RouteStats module to forecast package volume, schedule your routes, and discover ways to boost your profits.

Compensation and Payroll

Create compensation plans for your team, including per stop, hour, package pay, and complete paymets from your portal.

Vehicle Reports

Create Monthly Maintenance Reports (MMR), inspection reports, and more in a just few clicks.

Trip Inspections

Meet DOT compliance requirements with customizable pre- and post- trip vehicle inspections.

View associated pricing and product information on our pricing page.

Navigation and Route Optimization

GroundCloud brings all the important manifest, stop, and package information to the forefront so you can set your team up for success. Our solution will help you understand how to get the most out of your business while empowering your team to complete deliveries efficiently.

Time Commits
Manage time-specific volume from a centralized dashboard with added alerts and time-stamped map information that let your team know of upcoming commitments. 

Priority Zones
Set up drivers for success by organizing routes in the way that makes sense for your operating area. Outline portions of the map to prioritize stops in the order you want them delivered.

Subzones and Address Notes
Map apartments, dock locations, entry ways, and important stop information like gate codes and access notes so that stops can be completed efficiently no matter who is running them.


Complete Safety Platform

Only GroundCloud provides everything service providers need to build and maintain a culture of safety integrated into one management solution. Our training catalog contains hundreds of modules that will seamlessly integrate safety into your teams normal daily workflow

Proactive Safety Training
Stay ahead of the curve with automated training modules for your team. Professional driving topics are sent to drivers’ mobile devices in a cadence that keeps safety top of mind, and keeps them compliant with safety regulations. 

Reactive Safety Training
Our interconnected Video Telematics (VEDR) system will alert you of any unsafe incidents on the road, and prepare a training module specific to that incident, along with a recording.

Qualification Certification
By completing our Train-the-Trainer course, Certified Trainers are equipped with the knowledge and ability to onboard employees, train drivers, and help build a culture of safety within your organization. 


Finance and Operations

Running a delivery business is more than just delivering packages. We provide scheduling, timekeeping, incentive planning, work order tracking, and more essential business operations. Only GroundCloud brings these processes together in one efficient and reliable platform, so you can spend less time transferring data between spreadsheets, and more time on other areas of your business.

Integrated Payroll
GroundCloud Payroll brings fast, accurate, and reliable payments right to your management portal. Easily set up compensation plans for drivers based on hours, stops, packages, and complete payments in one seamlessly integrated solution.

Productivity and revenue analysis of your routes your operations that will help identify areas of opportunity for you to grow your business.

Centralizing your business with GroundCloud brings all of your important business information to one spot for seamless automated reporting for Monthly Maintenance Reporting (MMRs), fuel consumption, payroll reports, and audits.

GroundCloud is the most powerful resource I have ever added to my business. As a contractor, so much has changed over the years, and GroundCloud has made all of those changes so much easier. Any contractor using the system will tell you it’s a game changer – I’ll tell you it’s a life changer.

Jordan Bach

Bach SJ Ltd

Their service and commitment to us contractors is second to none. When you call support you get a expert right here in the U.S.
Jill E.

GroundCloud Pro is a game changer and I couldn’t stay in the game without it. I know that everyone who uses GroundCloud Pro and RouteStats will find their own wins and anyone who doesn’t will get left behind.

Bob Aris

Mountain Group Logistics

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GroundCloud has helped thousands of service providers to streamline their operations across the board. By bringing all the key elements of your business into one easy-to-manage platform, you can automate and simplify tedious processes, keep your team equipped with the tools to tackle any challenge, and boost your overall operating efficiency.

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