Today we released a new build of our app on the App Store: version 1.1.6 build 7. Here’s what’s new:


New Integrated Turn-By-Turn Mapping

The previous version of “Integrated” maps just wasn’t working for us. It crashed. It would sometimes nav in circles. No more! The new version is bug free and super reliable.

My Drive Performance Tuning

In the past, sometimes the app would slow down or freeze up a bit here & there. No more! We also fixed a nasty bug where switching in and out of the app would eventually cause a crash.


Add Stop When Location Isn’t Known

In previous versions, app user needed to know the location of a stop to add by pressing on the map at that exact location. No more. Now simply press-and-hold for a moment on the map, let the Add Stop dialog appear, tap on the “Details” button, and enter the address. We will add the stop wherever the stop is, and no longer require you to know it’s location.


Bolder Address Notes

Some of you said some drivers said they didn’t notice the address note that appears below the stop address. Hopefully rendering them in red bold typeface will help: