Driver Referral Program

Introduce new customers to GroundCloud and get a referral bonus!


GroundCloud effectively (and proudly) serves the logistics software, safety hardware and safety training needs of thousands of delivery teams, including 60%+ of all FedEx Ground P&D contractors and many Line Haul operators as well. 

As a driver, your first-hand experience using our solutions is invaluable to other contractors considering GroundCloud, and we want to reward you for talking to other companies about our game-changing service.

Through our Driver Referral Program, you can tell other last-mile delivery or line haul contractors  about our service and get rewarded! To thank you for your time and helping us grow our customer network, GroundCloud is offering a referral bonus of $350 for each new customer.

We do not limit the number of referrals — so refer away!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only current GroundCloud users can refer other contractors (who are, currently, not GroundCloud customers) to be eligible for the referral bonus. 
  2. Referral bonuses are paid out after the referred new customer has opened a GroundCloud account and made their first monthly payment for the chosen service. 
  3. If the same new customer is submitted by several referrers, then the referral bonus will be paid out only once to the first submitter.
  4. The referring driver will receive a referral bonus via an emailed gift card that can be redeemed at a number of locations determined by the gift card vendor.
  5. Only official referrals submitted via this Referral Submission form will be considered for the referral bonus payout.