What if you have 15 iPads? 30? 50? 100?? Setting them all up, locking them all down so drivers can’t be rolling down the road watching YouTube, and then keeping up with app and OS updates becomes quite a headache. MDM to the rescue! What’s MDM?


MDM stands for “Mobile Device Management” and it’s purpose is to make your life easier. When set up, look how easy it is to go from new iPad out of the box to ready to be deployed:


To summarize, Mobile Device Management benefits you by:

  • Making iPad setup a breeze out of the box
  • Preventing access to unauthorized apps
  • Vastly simplifying keeping iPads up to date with updates


What if I already have my iPads?

If you purchased your iPads through Reid of Verizon you can send us your iPad serial numbers and we can start the process. Once we give you the go-ahead we will have you erase the iPads and then they will pick up on the Remote Management and enter into device supervision.


Drop us a line if you’d like to learn more!