Safety Workshops

Our train-the-trainer program is a great solution for investing in your drivers’ long-term success. Our detailed agenda and thorough process ensures that you’ll have all the skills and materials you need to develop a culture of safety that will keep your drivers safe and compliant, regardless of when they come on board.


Here’s how it works.


Our professional safety experts provide in-person, in-depth Train-the-Trainer sessions, teaching CSPs and DSPs how to train their drivers effectively in safe driving, parking, service, and delivery techniques. Both classroom and driving obstacle course training are included.


Full onsite classroom training with a safety expert as well as content that is accessible by the CSP/DSP after the course is completed. Some of the topics we cover include New and Required Driver Safety Programs, FADV and New Driver Requirements, Understanding the Safety Contract, DOT and CSA Review, SRI and SRS Review, Preventability vs Liability, Dangers of Delivery, How to Conduct a Mock Route Road Test, and many more.


We offer completion monitoring and tracking so those in charge can see who has taken the training and the status of their trainer. Keep the trainer compliant so you can keep training drivers long-term.


Once trainers have been trained, they can enroll drivers and provide them with onboarding and training material.

This material is delivered in 2 ways: 

  1. through SMS text message directly to the driver
  2. through our application

Typically, adoption and completion rates through SMS is around 40% in the industry. But, with our controlled app environment, the audience is truly captured and the service provider must take the training in order to begin their work for the day. With this method, we see adoption and completion rates of 95% and above.


We provide you with techniques and materials to keep your drivers up to date with continuous training. Don’t allow the drivers to forget what they have learned and continue to reinforce good behavior for them.


If you use the GroundCloud platform, it allows contractors to assign Proactive Safety Training (PST) courses to your drivers in addition to the main QualCert training. See the attached pdf for details.


Contact our VP Safety, Jerry Veres, at if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our exceptional Train the Trainer program.

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