How can I monitor the progress at FXG of my GDT driver?

To know the progress of L10 drivers developing to meet the L20+ standard, businesses can engage with FedEx Ground managers. FedEx Ground managers can review a master report found on the FedEx Ground internal SharePoint site which reflects the information from the training vendor as well as regulatory requirements from FADV. Here is the link to the master report showing the progress of all drivers enrolled in a program. Station management will need to know which training vendor the driver is enrolled with. Only FXG employees have access to the report and if the link isn’t working for them, here are steps that can be followed from the home page:


  1. Click the ‘Safety Above All’ icon to far-right
  2. Hover over ‘Safer Highways’ below the ‘Safety Menu’
  3. Move down and hover over ‘Advisory – Safer Highways’
  4. Move over and down to click on ‘ELDP/G.Q.’
  5. Click on the picture below ‘P&D’
  6. Click on ‘Reports’ found below the Graduated Qualifications Program graphic to the right on the page
  7. Open L20-L30 Master report


The left side of the station number (column in blue) is the training vendor’s system information. The right side of the station number provides details about the PGH safety review process and can help stations identify reasons for the driver not being approved at the new level. Stations can also see when a driver is ready for observation time, when the observation time is completed, and when the driver shows complete at that level. Businesses should first work with station mgmt. for help. Station mgmt. can contact for additional support as needed.