How do I Power the iPad in a Vehicle With No Power Port?

GroundCloud recommends iPads Auto-Lock option be set to “Never” so the screens never turn off. With the screens always on, it’s important to provide power to the iPads as the battery will not last a long shift.


Most vehicles have a power port (cigar lighter) that an adapter with a USB connection can be plugged in to (see example below). The Apple charging cord can be run from this adaptor to charge your device:

Some vehicles do not have power ports. In this case it’s necessary to find a 12v power supply and hard-wire a step-down transformer to bring the voltage down from 12v to the 5v needed for USB powered devices. Fortunately this is easy & inexpensive to do:


Connect the wires to a 12v DC source in the vehicle and then the Apple provided USB power cable to the other side.




Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger

12v to USB Step Down Converter