Minimizing Data Usage
The GroundCloud iOS app is designed to use less than 1Gb of data per month, making it extremely cost effective to operate. Is there anything that can be done if it looks like an iPad is consuming more data than that?


On occasion some users are puzzled to find their iPad has consumed more than than 1Gb of data per month. Here’s what we recommend doing on your iPads such that data consumption is minimized:

  • Delete all apps except GroundCloud and Waze (if you use that)
  • Turn OFF  Settings > General > Background App Refresh
  • Under Settings > General > Restrictions, enable restrictions, and then disallow all apps listed below
  • Under Settings > Cellular Data > Use Cellular Data For, disable everything except GroundCloud and Waze (if you use that)
  • Turn OFF  Settings > Cellular Data > iCloud Drive and “WiFi Assist”
  • Under Settings > Cellular Data, scroll all the way to the bottom and tap on “Reset Statistics”.
  • Reboot the iPad

Now that cellular statistics have been reset, periodically observe the cellular data consumed and use it as a comparison to what your carrier is claiming you are using on that device.

Enable Restrictions

Drivers frequently make use of the Safari web browser on iPads to access YouTube, Spotify music, and other streaming services that could be an illegal distraction not to mention costly cellular data overages. GroundCloud strongly recommends disabling the Safari web browser and other potential unauthorized cellular data consumers by enabling Restrictions in the iOS Settings app:


Tap on “Enable Restrictions”:

Enter a 4 digit passcode you will remember:

Turn off everything except the Camera, “Installing Apps” and “Deleting Apps”:

Note: Your drivers will not be able to install any new apps without the AppleID password.

Now the Safari web browser will be inaccessible to anyone who doesn’t have the passcode to turn it back on.


If you have further questions please contact GroundCloud Support.