Mounting iPads

Option 1: Spring-Loaded Mount

This part is easy. First, order this mounting arm – just $25 shipped!

Akron tablet holder


Some contractors report the best place to mount is left of the driver on the “sill” of the window. Get yourself a drill-driver and mount in seconds…


iPad mounted to truck


Attach iPad (we recommend a good case), connect power, and you’re done!


iPad installation complete


Option 2: Lockable Mount


This option gives you the assurance that an opportunist thief will be thwarted. This one is a bit more expensive but will give you more peace-of-mind:


Notice the lock on the top of the mount:


Here’s what it looks like mounted in the center of the vehicle:


It mounts to the dash like this:


In any case, we absolutely recommend providing a full-time power connection to the iPad, as is shown here.