Fuel Card

The GroundCloud Fuel Card

The GroundCloud Fuel Card is designed for any company with a fleet of trucks to gain convenience, control over fuel spend, and savings at the pump. With access to millions of gas stations, maintenance shops, and convenience stores across the US, Canada, and Mexico, drivers can travel anywhere knowing they’ll be able to refuel and deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Convenience, Control, and Savings



Extensive controls allow you to fully customize how you spend, where you spend, and what you spend on. Drivers utilize an individual identifying pin to complete transactions so every purchase is traceable. On top of that, fully customizable authorization controls let you control how and where transactions are approved to prevent misuse and abuse.

  • Transactions linked to Driver ID, Vehicle ID, or PIN Number
  • Number of authorizations allowed by card per day, week and month
  • Total dollars allowed by card per day, week and month
  • Emergency card activation for hotel or meal if needed by driver.
  • Purchases outside selected locations, zip codes and states.



Signing up for the GroundCloud Fuel Card costs you nothing (no application or monthly fees) and offers more ways to save. Your business earns a discount on the entire fleet-wide fuel spend in the form of monthly statement credit. Drivers can find the lowest-cost refueling options in any area via the Voyager mobile app.

Monthly Statement Credit

Monthly Charge Volume Percentage
$50,000 1.0700%
$300,000 1.1650%
$1,000,000 1.2600%

Sign Up

When you apply for your fuel cards, US Bank will verify you are a GroundCloud customer and the following billing options will be available:

Weekly – customer is billed weekly and may choose Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday for billing.

Biweekly – customer is billed every other week and may choose the day on which they are billed, Sunday through Saturday, every other week.

Semi-monthly – customer is billed twice a month and may choose the 1st and 15th or the 15th and last day of each month for billing.

Monthly – customer is billed once a month and may choose any day of the month for billing, from the 1st day through the last day of the month.

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